First and foremost, it's important to note that the North West Film Society (NWFS) is a membership-based film group. Australian movie distributors support film societies by charging a low fixed fee for screening films. In return for this favour, we are permitted to only screen our films  to our members.

As such, tickets are not sold on a movie by movie basis. Membership is attractively-priced with generous discounts for ongoing participation.

You can join as a Part Member for 5 films to try out our Film Society or join as a Full Member.

Extra benefits of Full Membership include;
  •  Full Members may bring one guest per year for free to introduce them to the Society
  •  Full Members receive discounted entry to Reading Cinemas (formerly CMAX) Devonport
  •  Renewing Full Members receive a discount
  •  The Full Membership card is replaceable if lost
  •  Voting rights at the Film Society's AGM

Members are encouraged to tell us about any very recent, high quality near-mainstream movie releases, (including foreign films with English subtitles) which you would like us to consider showing at one of our screenings.
Full Membership per calendar year
(13 films)

‚ÄčPart Membership (5 films)

New members taking out Full Membership at a year's final two screenings (15 films)

Renewing Full Member Discount Price applies before Dec 31 (13 films)





All Full Memberships include the benefits listed above this table
Can be purchased at any time of the year. If the part membership card is not fully used in the year of purchase, it can be used in the following year until the last box on its face has been clipped by the NWFS team at the cinema door.
Valid Part membership holders can also vote at the Film Society's AGM 

See the remaining two films in the current year and ALL the next year's films

This rate applies to current full or part members who renew/upgrade to full membership on or before 31st December each year

Click the button below to apply for membership. Payment options include EFT, credit card (Visa/Mastercard) or you can apply online and pay in cash at the next film screening.